Property Descriptions: STR

This is a mini-course that explores how to use section, township, and range (STR) to locate a property.

Most people are familiar with how to use addresses or subdivision descriptions to pinpoint the location of a property.  In some industries, it is also necessary for learners to know how to use other property or legal descriptions to determine a property’s location. I used to work in one of those industries.

We regularly conducted instructor-led courses to introduce new employees to STR property descriptions. Our course included accessing STR information in several proprietary computer programs and plotting STR descriptions on maps by hand, so making the course fully web-based wasn’t an option.

However, e-learning is still a great option for introducing learners to how STR works. I created this course in Articulate 360 as a demonstration. Sprinkled throughout this course are animations and several practice/review activities.

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Property Descriptions: STR
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